Monday, July 16, 2007


I don't give a fuck about David Beckham, and neither does the rest of your audience. Please adjust your programming accordingly.

P.S. We also don't give a shit who is 'Now'

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Chris Howard said...

Yeah, I'll bet a lot of Americans still haven't heard of him. He was huge in Europe and probably everywhre else too, and some of that bled over, but you're just not going to get people here excited over a soccer player.

I would imagine that his fame overseas is Jordan-like, but over here, it's probably more like, hmm, who's a mid-grade athletic celebrity? Charles Barkley, maybe. Or how about Marty Schottenheimer :)?

Mr Furious said...

Yeah, the Beckham shit is really annoying. But that "Who's Now?" crap is the worst thing that they have ever done. Makes the Espys look like the Nobel Peace Prize.

I had my computer down for most of July, so I actually had to re-live the 90s and rely on ESPN for my sports scores. It was tough to watch SportsCenter with all that crap liberally mixed throughout.