Sunday, May 25, 2008


I couldn't find anything about these commercials on the internets, so hopefully they're just figments of my imagination. But lately, I've heard a few Corona beer radio commercials that are called something like Great Moments in Timeout History or some shit. They seem to be a lousy attempt to create something like Bud Light's Real Men of Genius commercials, which by the way I liked better when they were called Real American Heroes, but people may get confused and think that they were comparing the accomplishments of Mr. Giant Foam Finger Maker with those of police and firefighters on oh my god September 11th, or god forbid The Troops. Anyway, so if the concept of Great Moments in Timeout History isn't bad enough, the supposedly amusing little anecdotes are awful, not funny, not memorable, and the only reason I remember them at all is because I've thought to myself after each one how bad they were. I had hoped to be able to link to an example, but like I said, I couldn't find one on the internets, so maybe, hopefully, they are just in my imagination.

But that brings me to another thing that I noticed a while ago when looking for Doritos on that site. Who the fuck is designing these websites now? When I go to the Doritos website, or the Corona website, it's to find out information about their products, not to be entertained, play games, or join some sort of social network. I hope this isn't a trend that I'm just starting to notice, but both of these sites suck, and made it difficult for me to find out information about their actual products, which seems a little stupid.

So has anyone else heard these stupid Corona commercials? And what about this disturbing trend in website design? Anyone else noticed that?

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Toast said...

First off, I find it interesting that you use the term "internets". Seems like the sort of thing you'd shun.

Second, I just read a post the other day about Doritos doing that idiotic social-networking thing with their site and, yes, it's supposedly a trend. I have absolutely no goddamned idea what genius thought "Hey, instead of offering people useful product information, let's see if we can get them to hook up. Because that's what people really want from a snack food manufacturer." Fucking ridiculous.

Toast said...

Oh, and I like "badvertising".

John Howard said...

Yeah, I guess it does, must be the exception.

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when I saw the Doritos site, then when I went to the Corona site, I started to get worried that this is something we're going to see more of. However, I'm not too worried, since the trend can't last long as people just ignore these useless sites, they'll have to come up with something better.

I was actually just going to steal Adnoying from you for this title, but then badvertising just came to me.

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