Monday, June 23, 2008

Snarky Amazon reviews for Denon's dumb-ass $500 Ethernet cable

It's always fun to make fun of stupid people, but it's even more enjoyable when people are actually paying someone to cater to their stupidity. That's why I always enjoy making fun of audiophiles who think they can hear the tiniest differences in music, and therefore pay obscene amounts for cables that can't possibly make any difference. This $500 ethernet cable isn't quite as funny as the $8000 speaker cables I saw a while back, but the reviews are the hilarious part.

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Chris Howard said...

Those are funny. Are there any legitimate reviews? Would would pay $500 for a 6' ethernet cable? Angelos is an audiophile, what does he think of this?

Angelos said...

Gullible people with too much money and not enough sense?

Seriously, when it comes to components, fine, spend all you can afford. I'd sure go for some Mark Levinson tube amps and some crazy-ass speakers for $30,000. If I could.

But you cannot fight the laws of physics. Copper is copper. For speakers, buy a nice thick gauge, and get over yourself.

The CAT5 cable blows my mind though. The funny thing is, it's probably manufactured in China, next to the same $10 25-footers I have on my home network.

If those cable can transfer data at 1000Mbps without corruption, I'm sure my audio signal will survive.