Monday, September 11, 2006

The Path to 09/11

With all the hype around this stupid thing, I meant to watch more of it, but with the NFL season starting and my team in town, I was focused on other things. So, I've only watched this last part, and didn't get to see all the made up stuff that's been talked about all week. But I have to say that if this is represenative of the rest of the thing, then it shouldn't have been pulled off the air for being inaccurate, it should have been pulled for being cheesy and bad. Harvey Keitel just looked up and heard a large groan as the building began to fall, and if I had turned it on at just that second, not knowing what it was, I would have expected a dinosaur to have jumped out and ate him.

Not too long ago, I watched this horrible cheesy made for TV movie about the Challenger disaster. From the way this thing ended, you would have thought the astronauts wanted to get blown up. This thing tonight reminded me of that. And I imagine if I see it again in 15 years, it will look just as bad as the Challenger movie.

The sad part about the part I watched, was that since it was the conclusion, it used a lot of real stuff from 09/11, which was by far the best part. Since the other parts would have lacked that, I can only imagine that they were even worse.

All in all, I'm glad the day is over, beacause I'm about September 11th'd out. I'm all for remembering what happened and honoring the memories of the people who died, but it often seems like everyone is trying to out tribute each other, and it gets a little old.

I do have thoughts on the NFL weekend, but the stench of the Cowboys' miserable performance is still a little too fresh for me to express them very well, so I'll save them for later.

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michelline said...

How long will it be before someone makes a comprehensive, compelling documentary about 9/11? Something like Ken Burns' Civil War? It'll probably have to wait until it's not so close.

John Howard said...

Someone probably already did, we just don't know it because only the crap gets any hype.