Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Fighting the GWOT

Great fucking post at Toast's place. I've had these thoughts bouncing around for a while, but since he's a much better writer than I am -

Most everyone on the left who is against the Iraq war is quite cognizant of the threat of Islamic terrorism. Where we differ with folks like Weisberg is that we don't believe that the sole way to prove that seriousness is to out-hawk the hawks and sign onto every foreign adventure the neocons throw at the wall to see if it will stick. Rather, we'd prefer to:
  • Address homeland security in a practical fashion, taking the concrete steps we can to prevent further attacks and ameliorate the effects of another attack should one happen (something the Bush administration has utterly failed to do).
  • Work with our allies to track down and root out terrorists and terrorist organizations using targeted police actions instead of massive invasions.
  • Untangle the root causes of Islamic terrorism by understanding its cultural, economic, and geopolitical underpinnings.
  • Use the military as a tool of last resort.

That doesn't sound so crazy, does it? You don't need to have flowers in your hair and be smoking a joint for that to sound reasonable.

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puzzled said...

Events seem to indicate that the Bush gang wants as much war as possible. It's profitable for their friends, for the defence industry, and good for the economy in general. Think of the layoffs if peace happened. Eisenhower warned us about remaining on a war economy.

Storm said...

Point 1 Agreed perhaps more could be done on the homefront but a good defense alone will not work.

Point 2 actually he has, this recent UK folied plot and before that the Canadian group

Point 3 this is the whole point of Iraq to try to get Democracy started in this region. The question is can Democracy survive?

Point 4 Actually use of the military took too long we gave away any element of surprise.

I think you would find that Modearate Demos and Moderate Reps are not as far apart on these issues as you might think. Puzzled is on the right theme but the wrong players. There is a desire to keep the battle going but the battle is among us and it is largely fabricated.