Monday, October 01, 2007

What a night...

The first official teeball game was tonight. Libby got a hit on her first swing, but unfortunately stepped off the bag after arriving at first and got tagged out. She did get an RBI, though.

It rained off an on and they finally called the game in the top of the 5th with us winning 7-6. Our Mets played much better than their major league counterparts. We only gave up 4 in the first and got them all back. So we left soaked from the game-ending downpour, but happy.

We stopped at McDonald's to get a quick dinner. But after a mixup with our order which included two managers and a refund, not to mention them forgetting to give us our food, we were there for 30 minutes.

As we left we all noticed a thumping sound in the car. I stopped and checked the tires but they all looked good. We took off and it continued, so I stopped again. I felt the tires this time and found a big screw sticking out of one. It would probably have held, but considering how rainy it was and the fact that we have to cross a huge suspension bridge to get home, I decided to change it.

As I'm finishing that up, Libby tells me she has to go #2 and she can't hold it. I finish up with the donut and whip across the street to the Citgo where we wait for 10 minutes while she does her business.

Finally, at nearly 10 PM, we get home. Then we have to clean out the mess in the car from getting the spare out, start the laundry, make lunches and shower.

Our next game is on Thursday. I hope it's a little less eventful

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Toast said...

That's a beautiful bridge. I love suspension bridges.

Chris Howard said...

That's a beautiful bridge. I love suspension bridges.

I actually put that link in there just for you. I'd been meaning to show you that one, knowing how you love bridges. As it was being built in 1989, me and some friends climbed the fence one night and walked up to the top, until we got to the construction equipment. It was really something.

michelline said...

It's really pretty a night from the river. But it's a bitch on gas mileage, as it's so tall. The cruise ship based here actually goes under it.

Mrs. Furious said...

lol... that sounds like my life.... sorry for you!