Saturday, November 24, 2007

Broadcasters piss me off - Direct Snap Edition

This football season, I've noticed several announcers, particularly at CBS, harping on the direct snap, whenever anyone other than the quarterback takes the snap. This would be fine, except they do it even when the player actually lines up at quarterback. With McFadden lining up at QB so much today against LSU, they used it so much that they kept saying it even when the normal QB was in there. And while any snap is technically a direct snap, when it's to the QB, even when the QB is someone who normally plays somewhere else, it's redundant and annoying, and takes away from the term when it's used properly to describe a snap that goes directly to another player, like a running back or wide receiver. Also, earlier this season, one of these morons was going on and on about how someone on the field in that particular game popularized the direct snap, despite the fact that FSU (and probably many others) have been using the play for years.

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Chris Howard said...

You know what's even worse? Today on the radio, listening to the Chargers Ravens, the idiot play-by-play guy kept saying stuff like "Boller waiting for the direct snap" He kept on doing it. It's always a direct snap to the QB, moron, stop saying it.

John Howard said...

It's always a direct snap to the QB, moron, stop saying it.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. When it's to the QB, calling it a direct snap just sounds ridiculous, and if it becomes popular to always say it, it also makes the phrase worthless for distinguishing an actual direct snap to another player.