Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shaving Meme

Toast put this little meme together.

At what age did you start shaving? I can't remember. I'll guess 14.
How ofen do you shave? Maybe twice a week. My facial hair grows fast, but I only shave around the beard when it gets really shaggy or I'm meeting people.
Last time you shaved? Friday.
What's the longest you can go without shaving? Probably about 2 weeks on the face before it started bothering me. About 1 week in other places.
What kind of razor do you use? Gillette Mach 3.
How often do you change blades? I don't know. To paraphrase Chemist, when the blade no longer cuts, but pulls.
Ever use an electric razor? I used one for quite a while back in my Senior year of high school, but you really have to grind the hell out of your face to get it close. Maybe they've gotten better.
Ever use a straight razor? No, but I have had a barber use one on my neck. Feels pretty good.
Do you own/use a facial hair trimmer? Yes. I use a trimmer to trim my beard and head hair once a week. While I can go without shaving for weeks, I can't go without trimming for longer than a week. Long, shaggy beard hair drives me insane.
Do you own/use a nose hair trimmer? Yes, and it's good for those pesky ear hairs too.
What shaving substance do you apply? None.
And what balm, if any, do you use afterwards? None.
What do you shave? Cheeks and neck around the beard, top of the head and back of my neck.
With the grain or against? With first, then against. Also sideways op top of the head.
Ever shave your genital hair? Yes.
Place you hate shaving the most? Back of my neck.
Ever use chemical hair removal treatments? No. Never seemed any easier than shaving.
Best part of shaving? The clean, neat feeling.
Worst part of shaving? Razor burn. I don't really get that anymore with the beard.
Worst shave you've ever had? I don't recall exactly, but some cheap disposable thing. Unlike Toast, though, the disposables I buy now to use at the gym on occasion do a fine job.

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