Friday, July 14, 2006

Electrocute Bill Keller! No, hang him!

I was going to post something responding to this article, but then I remembered that Pete Shinn guy from a few days ago and realized that these Melanie Morgan and Lee Rodgers people can't possibly be real, and I don't want to get made fun of all over the internet for taking seriously something which can't possibly be real, so I'll just leave it alone.

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Chris Howard said...

Yeah, but if you did, just think of your counter.

Wesley said...

I don't want to get made fun of all over the internet

Too late.

spocko said...

These people are very real (yes I know you meant that t-in-cheek)

They are also saying this on commercially supported broadcast radio. Thier comments about hanging people isn't funny and I believe it violates the FCC rules on incitment, especially in light of the white powder sent to the NY Times.

If you in the bay area and want to complain to the advertisers. Two to notify: Wheelworks, Chevy, and Toyota. Also AT&T. All advertise.
Mastercard and Allstate pulled their ads about came back. They need to stay away from these people, it taints their brand.
P.S. Those audio clips in the Salon story? Those are from my educational series on hate speech on the radio.
visit my blog for more.