Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snickers Super Bowl Controversy

As I turned on the TV when I got home tonight, I caught just a piece of the tease for the news mentioning Snickers and a controversial Superbowl ad. I figured this was the one they were talking about and was ready to laugh at the ridiculousness of homophobes for complaining that an ad showed two men kissing. Well, after looking it up, I was disappointed to see that it was groups that are normally on the same side I am who were complaining. As anyone who's read this blog will know, I stand firmly in support of gay marraige, gay rights, and just all around treating gay people like anyone else. Having said that, I can't see anything the least bit offensive about this ad. The ad says absoultely nothing about gay people. There are no gay people in it. The two guys are not gay, so there is no reason they shouldn't feel akward about accidentally kissing each other. It doesn't mean they hate gay people, it makes no statement about homosexuality at all.

I think we should make some kind of rule to ignore anything said by any special interest group for a week or so after the Superbowl, as it seems these groups just like to capitalize on the popularity of the event to draw attention to themselves. And while I support drawing attention to groups that support gay rights, I'd rather that attention not be for them acting like morons.

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Toast said...

Some days I think we should just ignore anyone who is "offended" for any reason. I mean, really, if you've been harmed in some demonstrable way, I've got your back. If you're "offended", fuck off already.

John Howard said...

I agree. I think there are way too many people out there looking specifically for things to offend them, so they can whine about it.