Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TV Network Takes Responsibility For 'Hoax Devices'

Perhaps the worst result of the September 11th terrorist attacks, other than the obvious loss of life, is that it has given people an excuse to act like complete and utter pussies. The more I heard about this ridiculous story all day, the more I just wanted to punch someone. There are so many unidentified objects that are encountered everyday that could be or could hold bombs that it's completely ridiculous to treat every one of them like it actually is a bomb. Luckily, we don't do that. We only do it for the objects seen by some freaking paranoid person who reports it to the wrong other paranoid person. What are the chances that a terrorist is going to try and blow some shit up and is going to plant bombs that are mysterious looking electronic devices? My guess is they would actually try to disguise the bomb, maybe put it in a bag of trash and throw it in a trashcan on a busy street, but no, apparently the terrorists we're dealing with get all their ideas from watching cartoons. So everyone be on the look out for bowling ball looking devices with fuses sticking out of them. Actually, I would think by now that terrorist would just give up on blowing shit up and instead adopt a plan to just leave mysterious objects lying around everywhere. Sure, they wouldn't actually hurt anyone, but they'd probably do a hell of a lot more damage to our way of life.

Now, granted that this probably wasn't the best idea for a marketing campaign, but it's only a bad idea in light of the paranoid pussified state that we live in these days.

And what's with all this "hoax devices" shit? What's the hoax exactly? Hoax doesn't just mean that you were mistaken about the true purpose of something, it also requires the intent to deceive you in the first place.

"Public safety officials are all working together. There is no time for anyone to panic. We believe we have the situation in hand. Go about your business," Menino said. "The individuals who placed these packages should be warned that there is a heavy penalty -- two to five years imprisonment for each one of them. We are not playing around."

So, they want to make sure everyone doesn't panic, way to set a fine example. As for penalties, the only people that need to be penalized here are the morons who overreacted in the first place.

I know watching 24 makes you feel like there are terrorists waiting to kill you around every corner, but that simply isn't the case. People need to realize that unknown does not automatically equal suspicious. I'm all for investigating things that are actually suspicious, but there has to be a better reason for labeling it suspicious than someone saw it and didn't know what it was. If that's truly our standard, then there's a whole shitload of stuff out there in the big scary world that we need to be investigating.

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Chris Howard said...

When I first saw the story, I didn't know what the things looked like and I thought maybe there was something bomb-like about them. But once I saw the picture, I was amazed that anyone could have been nervous about these things. They're obviously cartoons. Some lady called one of the NPR shows and said Boston did the right thing, because wouldn't terrorists want to make bombs that looked like toys? It just makes you want to cry.

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