Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Eight is Enough Meme

Toast tagged me with this blog meme, so I figured I should give it a shot, even though I'm way too lazy to post much normally these days. Also, I'm very bad at any kind of self analysis, so don't expect anything earth shattering. Certainly nothing as disturbing as Toast revealed. I also won't follow his lead of posting geeky pictures from 20 something years ago for everyone to laugh at. I'm supposed to post some rules, but I'm with Angelos, fuck the rules. If you really care, you can see the rules at my brother's post below.

1. I'm really bad at any sort of self analysis. See, I already stole the first one right from the introduction.

2. I eat almost nothing. Not quantity, I mean, but variety. I don't like much. Someone at work made a list of things that I will eat, and it has around 50 things on it. That's probably a little high as it has redundant things on it, and also has a lot of things that I will eat, but never do. In reality, I normally eat just a handful of things. Other than it not being particularly healthy, which I'm starting to worry more about as I get older, it doesn't bother me at all. But for some reason other people are very concerned with what I eat (or don't eat).

3. I hate abbreviations. I almost never abbreviate anything. I just don't understand the point. I'm a pretty mediocre typist, and I have no problem typing things out in full. Standard abbreviations, like states don't bother me so much, but when people start abbreviating things like video game and movie and book titles, it really irritates me. Especially when the context doesn't make clear exactly what the abbreviation stands for.

4. I'm very calm and easy going in real life. By the amount of shit I complain about online, that might not come across so well. But the few people who know me both online and in real life say that I'm very different in real life, and I suppose that's pretty true.

5. I hate poetry. I've never read a single poem that I enjoyed, and have no desire to try and find one if there perhaps is one out there somewhere.

6. I've worked at the same company for all but 4 months of the last 17 years. I got hired before I graduated from high school and started a few days after.

7. I never wanted kids growing up. I always like them, but never had any desire to have any of my own. My wife had three kids already when we got married, and as I realized all the neat parts of their lives that I missed when they were little, I realized I did want my own kids. We had to do IVF to have one, but luckily it worked out perfectly and my son is now almost 5 years old. I can't imagine now why I didn't want kids before.

8. I'm really, really cheap. I buy the generic Wal-Mart brands whenever possible, and I buy as much stuff as I can at the dollar store. I think some of it comes from not having much money for a significant portion of my adult life, but even if I made a million dollars a year, I still think I'd buy the cheapest thing possible in many cases.

Ok, there you go. I'm supposed to tag eight people, but since I doubt I have eight readers left, and most if not all of those would have been tagged already by Toast, I'm going to tag the first eight people who find this through a Google search. You're on the honor system.

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Chris Howard said...

I hate poetry.

I don't hate poetry, but most of it really does very little for me. There are a few poems that I really like. My favorite (in my admittedly limited experience with poetry) is "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"

Geez, negative nellie. Of 8 things, you've got 2 "I hates", an "I'm really bad", and a "I never".

John Howard said...

Yeah, I probably don't really hate poetry either, that was a poor choice of words. I just don't understand what it has to offer anyone.

michelline said...

#8 really surprised me. I would never have guessed.

michelline said...

Here are my answers. Chris asked me to leave them like this so he wouldn't have to admit he visits MySpace...
1. I'm a left handed person in a right handed world. This makes going out to eat awkward as I have to sit on the corner or elbow everyone.
2. I'm a natural redhead ;-)
3. I adore Harry Potter. Chris and I have all the books in the UK hardbacks, American hardbacks, and the American paperbacks. We also have the Leatherbound editions of books 1 and 2 (the others weren't published that way) and I have the deluxe edition of the 7th book. Chris better get me the deluxe edition of book 6 for birthday or Christmas this year, or else...
4. I collect all things Pooh, although I definitely prefer Classic Pooh. I am especially fond of snowglobes and Lenox that showcase my favorite character.
5. I love to travel. My favorite place in the world is London as I'm definitely an Anglophile. I adore history!
6. I like to play bingo. My mother got me started on this before I was even legal. I couldn't wait until I was 18 so I could actually go to a bingo hall and play.
7. I love to entertain. Chris and I throw several parties every year. We always have a Christmas party with about 75 of our closest friends and our annual Easter party is ALWAYS a hit for the kids and their parents. We had 60 kids there last year!
8. My BA is from FSU. Not that unusual, but it was in Latin. Yes. I majored in Latin. I planned to teach and even completed an internship. Then I realized I really don't like kids enough. The little buggers are horrible.

Toast said...

But the few people who know me both online and in real life say that I'm very different in real life, and I suppose that's pretty true.

That's funny. The few people who know me both online and in real life say that I'm exactly the same in both worlds.

maurinsky said...

That's funny. The few people who know me both online and in real life say that I'm exactly the same in both worlds.

I only met you once, but you were definitely the same as you are online.

I love poetry. I listen to the Writer's Almanac every morning, and sometimes the poems move me to tears. The one that affected me the most was a Nabokov poem about writing in English - how it felt like he was using crude tools as opposed to the fine instrumentation of his native Russian. I only speak and write in English, but he made me feel what he felt when he wrote it, and I had a good cry.