Sunday, August 12, 2007

To Catch a Con Man

So there's not much on and flipping around I came across this Dateline episode with the title above. I guess they got tired of catching pedophiles or something. Anyway, they're focusing on the internet con men that try to scam people out of money with the promise of millins of dollars for your trouble. Frankly, as long as these scammers aren't preying on old people or the mentally disabled, I really don't see any reason why their scams should be illegal. Taking money from people who give it to you willingly because they are stupid shouldn't be a crime. They make excuses for the "victims" of these scams on the show by saying they had never heard of the scam or that the scammers are very sophisticated and do a good job of making the scam sound realistic. But that's all bullshit. If you fall for one of these things, it's for one reason only, because you're a fucking moron. Either you're a moron all the time, or your greed has temporarily turned you in to one, but either way, you are a moron.

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Chris Howard said...

Did you become a Libertarian? Sure, a lot of victims of scams really should know better, but if the scammers are making provably fraudulent assertions, they should be stopped.

Toast said...

Mr. John Howard, I agree with you in the entirety. In fact, I wish to support your efforts in blogging further. If you would be so kind as to email me with your bank account number and password, I will wire you the sum of ten thousand of your dollars. Please do not deny me the opportunity to show you this kindness, my friend.

John Howard said...

Ok sure, people making fraudulent assertions should be stopped whenever possible, but I just hope they don't waste any time catching these people that could be better spent catching real criminals whose victims don't willingly go along with the crime.