Friday, February 22, 2008

Stupidity on Parade

Welcome to a new feature* here where I wade into the cesspool of stupidity that is anonymous comments on the internets to make fun of the stupidity of others for my own amusement. What prompted me to do this, you ask? Well, I was reading through the comments at the link and just decided that some of this is too stupid to go by unremarked, and there was no one within earshot at the time, so I decided to share it with you instead. I realize it's not nice to make fun of people, but I think when you put this kind of stupidity out there for everyone to see, you deserve to be mocked. The subject today is an article from FOX News about recent polling regarding the election. Including, for some reason, some nonsense about who Osama would be rooting for.

Comment by Debra Harrington
February 22nd, 2008 at 11:19 am

I’m sorry but I honestly have a problem with a muslim being charge of my security when it is muslims that want to kill all Americans. The terrorist don’t care if you are republican or democrat. Doesn’t anyone else see a strange coincidence here? Obama will be so one sided on the terrorism issue that the terrorist will have a field day getting over on this guy. Obama is not going to take them seriously, either because he does’t “get it” or maybe he just won’t care.

As for the war lasting 100 years, that isn’t written in stone anywhere. Anyone with half a brain knows you can’t tell the enemy when you are going to end the war, because it doesn’t make sense. I would explain it, but I’ll let some excersise their minds.

Lucky for Debra, I guess, that there aren't any muslims running.

Comment by Marion Raia
February 22nd, 2008 at 11:05 am

Well, it seems easy enough to guess at Usama’s choice for President of the United States. It is the candidate who looks, sounds, and smells most like a Socialist. That could be any of the current candidates, Democrat or Republican. However, in my opinion Hillary is that candidate and Usama wouldn’t go that way because of the obvious. Osama would definitely be the “MAN”, being the most qualified Socialist in the government today. Seriously, are the people of this country really crazy enough to put Hillary or Barack into the White House and put a name plate on the desk of the oval office that says “COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES”? Are there really that many Socialist, Communist, or Nationalist Socialist supporters in this country? It just can’t be so! Why did our soldiers fight and die in WWII, Korea and Vietnam? To put one of the enemy in the White House?

I'm really not sure how or why socialist got to be such a horrible dirty word around here, but I am pretty sure that they've never been our enemy, and I don't think many of our soldiers died fighting against socialism. Anyway, since there aren't any socialist candidates running, everything should be ok regardless.

Comment by jason
February 22nd, 2008 at 10:35 am

Ron Paul 2008.

Ok, so it's probably not fair to call anyone stupid just for supporting a particular candidate, but I had to include this one just because at this point, these people just make me laugh. They didn't even bother to mention Paul in the article.

Comment by Military
February 22nd, 2008 at 8:31 am

To SIUE student:
Your an ass clown, plain and simple. Usama would vote for Obama because he wants to put us on the defense. WE in the MILITARY are voting for McCain because we trust him with our lives plain and simple. If it looks, smells, and tastes like a turd. Then guess what surrendercrats its Obama.

This one doesn't really need much comment, but it is amazing to me that people haven't yet puzzled out that your/you're thing. Also, I'm pretty sure assclown is one word.

Comment by sue
February 22nd, 2008 at 7:51 am

I support Hillary and everyone I know would not vote for Obama. I hope your polls are better than they have been lately. I would not be relying on your polls. Fox news had a gentlemen on their show yesterday evening talking about how Racist Obama is, and hides it very well. Did anyone see that and if so do you know his name?

Hillary or McCain

I guess his full name is Racist Obama, hence the capitalization. I think sue expects too much from Fox news as far as their polls go, but even so, I doubt they confined their poll to "everyone sue knows."

Comment by TerryD
February 22nd, 2008 at 2:06 am

Bloggers don’t you just love how the Obama sheep all repeat the little

clich├ęs that he has emphasized in his speeches such as

“We don’t want the same old, same old politics.”

No, what they want is the newbie’s running their country.

Well, if Obama does win the presidency, he will need the equivalent

of what President George W Bush has, he will have his own Cheney

like person telling Obama what to do and say. Gee I wonder who that old geezer will be?

The newbie's what, TerryD? Also, I can't figure out if this one is supposed to be a poem or something.

Comment by TerryD
February 22nd, 2008 at 1:48 am

Barack Hussein Obama has a one trick horse;


Of course, you did not vote for the Iraq war you were not in the senate now were you obliged

to vote for or against the vote.;which according to your past voting history you would have

voted present!

Stop beating a dead horse, you act as if you had insight or knew all of the circumstances that

President George W. Bush was talking about.

He showed the senators which included Ted Kennedy, highly confidential findings by United

States secret CIA’s and other agencies ie., British Intelligence to justify why they should check

into Iraq. And would you not believe your President, would you think he would be lying to you?

So, unless you were present in a highly critical stage in American history, you can not

pompously point out that I did not vote to go to war with Iraq.

This has to be a parody of some sort. Notice it seems to be the same guy from the last one. I guess he couldn't cram all his thoughts into one comment.

Comment by SAY NO TO ARABIANS.....
February 21st, 2008 at 9:20 pm


This is what it is:

His father Obama(Sr)was ETHNICLY ARAB, all his relatives are Arabs with only
1 relative African Negro. Obama’s Sr’s great grandparent.

True Obamas Sr. was born in WEST OF KENYA were the negro tribes were CHRISTIANS,
Obama Sr. GOT his ARAB name to disinguish himself from the CHRISTIAN african negro
tribes. Obama’s Sr. PARENTS WERE ARABIANS.

Barack and all his relatives have arabian names. Barack Hussein Obama is a 50%
caucasian(white mother), 43.75% ARAB and 6.25% AFRICAN from his ‘great great

Barack HUSSEIN Obama is indeed an ARAB-AMERICAN. Its ALL CLEAR NOW!

Don’t believe me? , go to the colum of Mr cohen at the Washington post, you
read more there.

take your time and read the details here too:


Usually what amuses me the most about these CAPS used for emphasis people is not so much that they're either too stupid or lazy to figure out simple tags for italics or bold for emphasis, but instead, the seemingly random words they decide to capitalize. GOT is my favorite example from this particular comment.

Comment by proudparent
February 22nd, 2008 at 1:45 pm

Personally I can’t help but wonder where all of the money is coming from for Obama’s campaign???
al-Qaeda members, Iraqi insurgents, Hezbollah, Hamas, Ahmadinejad of Iran and Chavez of Venezuela.

I wonder that myself. If only people kept records of some kind about this sort of thing. Maybe we should make some laws about this.

Well, I think that's all the stupidity I can take for one night. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

* And by feature, I mean something that I'm doing right now and will probably forget completely about in the future. Frankly, at this point, it's a wonder I still even bother to post at all.

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Anonymous said...

Terrorist don't scare me. Obama scares me though. His global UN taxation on the US with hidden gun control will make every less safe.
NOT overseas but right here at home. His church holds an allegience to Africa maybe funds are coming from that way.

John Howard said...

Thanks for living up to the spirit of the post. Well done.

Angelos said...

John, this post alone answers it's a wonder I still even bother to post at all.


Chris Howard said...

Wow, Anonymous did get into the spirit, yes? I know I'm looking forward to the day when President Osama, oops, Obama merges our country with Mexico and then hands over the reigns to his terrorist buddies.

Sue was great - Hillary or McCain indeed. They might as well be twins.

I like the new template. Seems a little bit cleaner.

Toast said...

Also, I'm pretty sure assclown is one word.

It's possible he was trying to say "You're an ass, clown."

Toast said...

This is an interesting idea for a post series, John. I can't say for sure that I'll be able to take it, however. Reading shit like this really makes me want to commit battery on these people.

michelline said...

Well done, John. I'm reading in bed this morning and I think my laughing woke Chris up. Poor guy. The absolutely best part of this was the Anonymous commenter... Thanks!

John Howard said...

I like the new template. Seems a little bit cleaner.

It's actually the same one, just different colors. I actually wanted to change to a different one, but it was a fixed width, which annoys the hell out of me.

John Howard said...

This is an interesting idea for a post series, John.

Well, like I said, I don't know if I'll actually do it again, I'm lazy that way.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...


That's for John and Chris. I tag you both!

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