Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Movie Quotes Meme

This seems to be going around lately, I'm sure someone tagged me with it, but I would do it anyway since it reminds me of when I used to do it every week, and it was a lot of fun. I don't know how difficult these might be, I just decided to go with movies I've seen recently, which may or may not be recent movies, since most of my favorites I've done before.

UPDATE: Answers to quotes left:
1. I am Legend
9. Transformers
11. Blades of Glory

Instructions: Look up 15 of your favorite films on IMDb and take a quote from each. List them below. When someone guesses the quote correctly, cross it off the list. Leave a comment with your answers. And NO CHEATING.

1. "I... I promised a friend I would say hello to you today. Please say hello to me. Please say hello to me. "
2. "You just killed a helicopter with a car!" (Patrick)
3. "You know what else you should do? Nail his penis above the entrance to the elementary school. That'd really teach him a lesson. " (Fridge)
4. "This machine in my lap? It is not a time machine." (Patrick)
5. "...the funny thing about my back is that it's located on my cock." (Patrick)
6. "How can you be so obtuse?" (Chris)
7. "I'll tell you what I'd do, man: two chicks at the same time, man." (Patrick)
8. "A water break? Water is for cowards. Water makes you weak." (Chris)
9. "He's been in cryo-stasis since 1935. Your great-great-grandfather made one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind. "
10. "...and then your Mommy said, "Just do it already!" which was very confusing to Daddy, so I took the most literal translation." (Patrick)
11. "No exaggeration, I could not love a human baby more then I love this brush. "
12. "That's bullshit. Smurfette fucks all the other Smurfs. Why do you think Papa Smurf made her? Because all the other Smurfs were getting too horny." (Patrick)
13. "You picked us. You volunteered. You said that you would do what it takes to save American lives. You're not a liar, are you? Or too weak to see this through? This is it. Let go of David Webb. Will you give yourself to this program." (Fridge)
14. "You're nothing but a drifter who found a bag of mail. " (Chris)
15. "I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free! If you ask me, everybody in this theater is a giant sucker! Especially you!" (Fridge)

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Chris Howard said...

2. Transformers
6. The Shawshank Redemption
8. Remember the Titans
14. The Postman

Those are my guesses.

Patrick said...

2. Die Hard 4?
4. The Pursuit of Happyness
5. Superbad
7. Office Space
10. Knocked Up
12. Donnie Darko

John Howard said...

Well, I guess I should have made these harder, they're going faster than I thought.

And Patrick, I really didn't want to give you credit for #2, but if I didn't that would just be confusing.

Chris Howard said...

I should have got Knocked Up. I never saw The Postman, but that quote seemed to give it away. And the obtuse quote from Shawshank always sticks with me for some reason.

You should link to this at Two Glasses. They'll get the rest.

fridge said...

13 Bourne Ultimatum
15 Simpsons Movie

Chris Howard said...

I knew 15 sounded familiar.

fridge said...

I skipped #3 somehow when I first read this: Little Children.

Damn ADD.

Angelos said...

I googled the other three. Never seen 'em, don't really plan to. Though I have been told #9 is good big-screen TV porn, so I may have to change my mind on that one.

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