Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stupidity on Parade

Everyone seemed to enjoy this the last time I did it, so when I noticed some more stupid comments today, I thought I'd share again. This time it's a TMZ article about naked pictures that are supposed to be of Kristin Davis from Sex and the City. I don't really think they look anything like her, but who knows. Most of the comments seem to be focused on her pubic hair.


Posted at 1:39PM on Mar 19th 2008 by PUH-LEASE

Possibly the stupidest thing on the internets (and that's obviously saying a lot) is the phenomenon of people posting "first" in comment threads. These people kind of remind me of people who have mullets. Every normal person is making fun of you, you'd have to be a complete moron not to realize that everyone is making fun of you, and yet you still go ahead with behavior that only serves to make you look like a moron. And like many of these comments, this one is made all the more pathetic by the fact that it isn't actually first.

5. well isn't that special. i am going to go throw up now and eat something else. if you stare at the light to long it could cause blindness. jeepers creepers where did anthony go. do you really care about this stupid article? i didn't think so..

Posted at 1:44PM on Mar 19th 2008 by HUMP BACK IN THE HOLE

Another thing people seem to do for no reason I can figure out is comment on things they purportedly don't care about. There are a lot of things I read that I don't really care about, and I don't really feel the need to comment on any of them.

7. I saw those pictures.

Somebody needs to buy her a weed-wacker!!!!

Posted at 1:55PM on Mar 19th 2008 by FABIO

23. I always shaved myself even in the early 90s and so did my friends. People were shaving in the 80s too. A hairy bush was in as "au natural" in the late 60s and 70s.

Posted at 2:34PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Anna

25. Me too. It is better to be bald and not get lice. *itch, itch*

Posted at 2:37PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Tiny Dancer

28. It DOES look well maintained !!! When you get ALL your hair waxed off it looks like a little girls vajayjay.....ewwwww!!!
It could also be what is known as a "winter bush"....LOL AND, when you remove all the hair it just looks and feels horrible when it starts growing back....and itchy, too. If you want more info, just go to "stop dissin' my".....LOL

Posted at 2:47PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Hmmmmmmm

34. Hey Dumb a"ss: Why don't get take your stupid a ss to another site if you don't like this one? Especially that talks about hairy beavers>>>>>>>>>

Posted at 3:26PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Don't like it,lump it!

43. Not every dude wants an unmowed lawn. Get over yourself Brad.

Posted at 6:53PM on Mar 19th 2008 by I like mine manicured

44. Yeah, I don't want a thick hairy beaver. I guess you can floss after you are done with the meal.

Posted at 6:54PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Stan The Man

45. I like the burger without the fur.

Posted at 7:00PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Kent

Like I said, most of the comments focused on her pubic hair, and these are my favorites of those. Kind of makes you wonder if some of these people have ever had sex at all.

27. OO it was only 5 yrs ago...I thought it was when she was much much younger...yea there is no excuse for a bush these days lol

Posted at 2:47PM on Mar 19th 2008 by Me

2008 - 1992 = 5 years? I guess math isn't Me's strong suit.

Ok, so as stupid as some of these comments are, judging by the last time I did this, politics seems to bring out an entirely new level of stupidity. Next time I do this, I might use a YouTube comment thread I found featuring World of Warcraft players, but I'm really not sure I can stand that much stupid.

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Angelos said...

Another thing people seem to do for no reason I can figure out is comment on things they purportedly don't care about.


People who chime in on TV threads about how they stopped watching TV years ago, or only watch PBS...

Oooooh, yeah, I'm sure you're on your 5th reading of the Odyssey by now, you fucking pain in my ass.

Same with sports threads.

We all water our ties in different ways. Fuck you and your unearned sense of superiority.

John Howard said...

Yeah, TV definitely brings out the worst in people in that regard. Not just the assholes who don't watch TV, but people who like to talk about how much they hate the show in question.

Then there are those people who disparage entire genres of TV shows just because it doesn't fit their personal tastes.

Angelos said...

Ooooh, good one. I personally, hate reality TV, and think everyone who watches it beneath me.

maurinsky said...

The FIRST! thing pisses me off so much. I stopped reading comments at Eschaton because of it, and I never got in the habit of reading firedoglake because of it.

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