Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Suspicious package arrives in Lennon

Ok, please tell me there is more to this story than what is in the article. Because from reading the article, it seems that the only thing that made this package suspicious is that it was from another country. And judging by the accompanying picture, that alone was enough to bring out people in protective suits. Are you kidding me? Why are people such pussies? And why are all the ones who are such pussies so proud of being pussies? I wonder if they blew up the letter, just in case. Everytime I see one of these stupid stories, it makes me think the War on Terror is over, and we fucking lost. Because, regardless of whether we are or aren't fighting terrorists, and regardless of where we are fighting them or why, one thing is certain, we sure are fucking terrified of them.

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Westley said...

Well, if you took the time to actually watch the video that accompanied the story, you would have heard that the woman knew the person in India from whom she received the letter. She said that there was some suspicious writing in the letter about world politics as well as a brown powdery substance. I don't think it was unreasonable that they took some precautions. Good "reporting" as usual, Johnnie.

John Howard said...

Some terrible reporting there for sure, but not by me. I don't think there was any video up therewhen I posted this, but if there was, it should have been available to the person writing the story, which pretty much said nothing. But even in the video, it doesn't say why anyone thought that there was any reason to think there was anything wrong with this letter. It talks vaguely about a substance that no one identifies and alludes to contents of the letter that may have been disturbing. All this could have been cleared up pretty simply by someone asking direct questions. Either way, the point of my post is still accurate, we are too afraid, and for no good reason.