Friday, September 29, 2006

NFL Week 4

So, I was 8-6 last week, not too good, but which puts me at 30-16 for the year so far which is pretty respectable.

Arizona at Atlanta - Atlanta will bounce back from the humiliating loss on Monday Night and take out their frustrations on the Cardinals.

New Orleans at Carolina - I'm very tempted to pick the Saints here, but I'm going to stick with the Panthers this week. But just barely.

Minnesota at Buffalo - I just don't like Buffalo at all, and Minnesota is better than I expected, I'll take the Vikings.

San Diego at Baltimore - I like the Ravens so far, but I think San Diego is a little better overall.

Miami at Houston - Miami looks awful, but not as awful as the Texans, I'll take the Dolphins.

Dallas at Tennessee - If TO doesn't kill himself before Sunday (well, even if he does), I like the Cowboys here.

San Francisco at Kansas City - I don't like the Chiefs much, but the 49ers suck, so I'll take KC anyway.

Indianapolis at New York Jets - As long as it's the regular season, I'll stick with the Colts until someone proves they can beat them.

Detroit at St. Louis - I think Detroit sucks, and St, Louis is mediocre, I'll take the Rams.

Jacksonville at Washington - I think the Jaguars could easily lose this game, but going on what I've seen so far out of both teams, I have to pick them to win.

New England at Cincinnati - This is where the Patriots start to fall apart a little (or a little more, I guess after last week). No matter how well your organization is run, sometimes the other team is just better. I like the Bengals.

Cleveland at Oakland - I think Oakland might be the worst team in the league, but since Cleveland isn't far behind, I'll take the Raiders in an upset.

Seattle at Chicago - I keep thinking Seattle is winning with smoke and mirrors, but they keep winning just the same. However, on the road without Alexander, I'll take the Bears, 17-14.

Green Bay at Philadelphia - When is Philadelphia going to start playing NFL teams? I'll take the Eagles, 31-13.

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Jenn said...

I think I may have to stop readin. BUFFALO?!!?! You don't like Buffalo? WTF? They haven't hurt anyone since 1999, when they hurt themselves (it wasn't lateral either!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LACES OUT!)

John Howard said...

Why would I like Buffalo? There's nothing even remotely interesting about that team.

Jenn said...

Why would you be anti-Buffalo though?