Tuesday, October 03, 2006

'Cocaine' takes a hit

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why do people insist on being so fucking stupid? They put out this drink and call it cocaine, at least in part because they hope it will generate controversy and free advertising, and idiots like this councilman line up to give it that free publicity.

"We will not be silent in the face of this," [Councilman James] Sanders said. "Yes, there is a danger we're going to give him advertisement, but at the same time, what would happen to our conscience if we did not speak up?"

Oh, I can answer that one...nothing, absolutely nothing. Unless of course your conscience is troubled by people drinking perfectly legal energy drinks. And of course, if it is, not speaking up would be more helpful since the drink wouldn't get so much attention.

And, of course, since a councilman can't be depended on for any kind of logical thought, we'll have to go to a mildy famous deli owner who often appears on David Letterman, Rupert Jee, in order to get a reasonable opinion.
So long as it's not hurting anyone, I see no reason not to sell it.

Right. Exactly. This should really go without saying. Especially considering that there are plenty of drinks sold that ultimately do hurt people that would need to be a lot higher up the list than this energy drink if we're going to start banning shit.
At a City Hall news conference, [Councilman James Sanders] said the drink's name and claims it contains a massive amount of "energy" send the wrong message to young people, who may think the actual drug was OK to use.

If young people can make that leap, then they're honestly too fucking stupid to concern ourselves with, and will fuck their lives up in countless other ways whether this drink is available under this name or not. By the way, it's probably not a good idea for kids to be drinking a lot of these drinks anyway. But I think I'd rather my kid be addicted to Cocaine, the drink, than cocaine, the drug. I think I'll just try to raise my son to stay away from both.

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