Thursday, November 23, 2006

NFL Week 12

So, I didn't bother to post my picks last week, since I've been disgusted with my performance lately and really didn't put much thought into them. So, of course, I went 13-3 and won the pool. That puts me at 97-63 for the year, which isn't so bad.

Miami at Detroit - I had originally picked Detroit here, just because they sometimes play better than expected on Thanksgiving, but now it looks like Kevin Jones is out and the Dolphins are playing better lately, so I like them here.

Tampa Bay at Dallas - Dallas could have a let down in the short week following a big win over the Colts, but that won't be enough for the Bucs to beat them.

Denver at Kansas City - Denver is doing well this year, but I think the Chiefs can get it done at home.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore - Pittsburgh might win a couple of more games this year, but I'll just have to get those wrong because I'm not picking them again, especially not against a good team like the Ravens.

Cincinnati at Cleveland - Tough year for the Bengals, but I think they're still easily the best team in Ohio.

San Francisco at St. Louis - San Francisco has been playing better lately, and St. Louis hasn't looked so good. I'll take the 49ers in an upset.

Arizona at Minnesota - Minnesota is coming back to Earth after a pretty good start, and the Cardinals may have gotten some confidence after breaking their losing streak, I'll take the upset here as well.

Houston at New York Jets - Houston has won some games they shouldn't have, but this won't be one of them.

New Orleans at Atlanta - I think the Saints are starting to realize that they're the Saints, and with the Falcons looking to get things back on track, I like them at home.

Washington at Carolina - I picked the Panthers to go to the NFC Championship game, and I think they're finally starting to play well. They shouldn't have a problem with a bad Redskin team.

Jacksonville at Buffalo - Jacksonville may have a rough time going on the road in the cold on a short week after a big Monday Night win, but I just don't like Buffalo at all, so I'll take the Jaguars.

Oakland at San Diego - I think the Chargers are really good, and determined to make sure they don't blow any oppurtunities like they did last year. They shouldn't have any trouble with a terrible Raiders team, Chargers 41-7.

New York Giants at Tennessee - The trendy pick here is to take the Titans, since the Giants have lost two in a row, but as much as I would like to, I don't see it. I like the Giants.

Chicago at New England - I think Chicago is not the best 9-1 team ever, but I think they're better than this year's Patriots. I'll take the Bears on the road.

Philadelphia at Indianapolis - The Eagles didn't have a good shot at this one before McNabb got hurt, now they have no shot.

Green Bay at Seattle - With Favre banged up, and Hasselback and Alexander back for the Seahawks, I think any chance the Packers had is gone. Seahawks 21-13.

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Happy Birthday! And congratulations for the Cowboys finally burning the Drew Bledsoe bandwagon to the ground. Tony Romo looked pretty good today.

John Howard said...

Thanks. And Romo is going to the Pro Bowl. Bledsoe is far worse than I thought if just that change can make such a difference.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Bledsoe is far worse than I thought if just that change can make such a difference.

I feel so vindicated! I've been yelling about Bledsoe's suckiness for years - it's nice to see it so prominently displayed.