Wednesday, November 01, 2006

TV - Thoughts

I got a lot (relatively, since I only have about 3 readers left) of response from my TV posts, so I thought I might continue giving my thoughts on the shows I watch as we go through the seasons. If you're not all caught up, don't read anymore as I will probably give things away.

Battlestar Galactica - They sure don't fuck around when they execute you for treason, that looks like a tough way to go. I think Tigh is going to start feeling pretty guilty about Ellen since all the remaining collaborators got a pass.

Jericho - Please quit with the fucking small town drama. There is apparently a nuclear war going on, that's your major plot. All the other little crap should be there, but it should be the background, not the focus. Jake's relationships with everyone, horse thieves, the brother cheating on his wife, Jake's past in Jericho, these things should all be minor stuff. Jake's past after he left Jericho, Hawkins' story whatever it is, the outside world, those should be the focus. Pretty much anything they could still have in the plot if there wasn't a nuclear war should be minor points.

Friday Night Lights - Would someone please tell these idiot fucking writers that football games are not always decided on the last play. It's bad enough that this is done in just about every sports movie ever, but it can almost be excused in that case, but in a TV show, where it happens every other week, it's just too much. The rest of the show is pretty good, and I hate seeing it marred by this crap.

Boston Legal - Enough with Jerry Espensen. I really like the character, but if they wanted him to be on every week, they shouldn't have fired him.

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