Monday, April 02, 2007

Buckeyes drop Hoyas

I wasn't going to say much about Jeff Green's disappearing act in the Final Four, because they're just kids, and even with all that talent, can't always come through. But then I read the quote below, and it almost made my head explode.

"I wouldn't change anything," Green said. "I didn't want to force anything. ... You've got to credit their defense. They had great weak-side defense. That made it tough on our teammates to try and throw the ball down to me."

Huh? You didn't want to force anything? Why not? Because your teammates were having such success? You were losing most notably because you were not a factor in the game. Hibbert had foul trouble, but still managed to put in 19 points. You went stretches of 17 and 14 minutes without taking a shot. Ridiculous. You need to make your own shots sometimes. Obviously, you already know that, because you wouldn't even have been in the Final Four if not for forcing your way through a double and nearly triple team to hit the game winner against Vanderbilt. Your assertion that it was tough for your teammates to get you the ball is patently ridiculous. I watched the entire game very closely and continually saw you run away from the ball, and in fact immeadiately give it up almost everytime you got it.

And, sure the loss is not all your fault. DuJuan Summers, who has been very good lately only scored 3, but at least he was out there trying, taking 10 shots, and he's a freshman, not the Big East Player of the Year. And the bench was nonexistent. But they're the bench, you're supposed to be the star. If Allen Iverson were dead, he's be rolling over in his grave after that performance by a fellow Hoya in the Final Four.

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