Monday, April 23, 2007

National Boring Association

I haven't really paid any attention at all this season to the NBA. That wasn't surprising considering the Lakers suck, and Georgetown was very good this year which made me focus more on college basketball. But, even when the Lakers aren't even in the playoffs at all, I've always been able to enjoy watching them anyway. But so far this season, I've seen nothing that interests me even slightly. I tried to watch several games over the weekend, and was bored by all of them, including the Lakers. I have a mild interest in the Heat because I like Shaq, but other than that, there's no team out there that is compelling to me, and no individual players that really pull me into a game just to watch them play.

Any NBA fans want to tell me about something great that I'm missing? Because I just can't get interested.

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Robert Bayn said...

I'm a Piston fan, so of course I'm interested in how they are doing. Other than that, I don't really care, which is strange, because I usually do.

Toast said...

Great question. I shelled out for League Pass and I don't think I used it more than twice. Of course, the Blazers were mediocre once again, but still. I think the real problem is a lack of compelling personalities in a league that sells personalities. Too bad, because supposedly there's a lot of great basketball being played.

Toast said...

Actually, thinking more on it, here's a possibility: The style of the game is less interesting because of the blending of traditional positions. There are too many combo guards and swingmen and 4-5 guys and not enough traditional point guards, pure scorers, low-post bruisers, and big, lumbering pivots. Successful teams seem to be putting a sort of hyper-athletic stew out on the court.

John Howard said...

Too bad, because supposedly there's a lot of great basketball being played.

I agree with your point about the personalities, but anytime I've watched, I just haven't seen any of this great basketball either.

John Howard said...

Good point about the positions, I do think the teams that I enjoy watching more are more old school that way, with a solid big man, and good perimeter shooters.