Monday, April 30, 2007


Great show, maybe the best on TV. Tonight's episode was great, with a lot of cool stuff and good information. However, much like anytime people start messing around with time travel, I think they may have fucked some things up. Either that or I just missed something. First, if future Hiro hadn't yet traveled back in time and told Peter to save the cheerleader, then why does Mohider still remember it. And now with future Hiro dead, does that screw up the past timeline that we've been watching all this time, since it seems that he never did get around to going back to meet Peter? And more importantly, if Claire never did get killed by Sylar, then how did Sylar regenerate when future Hiro stabbed him, since he obviously never got Claire's power? And how is it going to help now that they've saved her, if she was never dead to begin with? Also, when did Isaac get around to drawing the future 9th Wonder comics? Especially since he apparently did versions set in each of the two timelines, one of which happens five years after his death. Did he write 5 years worth of comics before he died?

Also, NBC ran it over by I don't know how long since my DVR cut off when Ando told Hiro he believed in him, so I don't even know exactly how it ended. Though I assume Hiro was able to get back to the past somehow.

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Toast said...

Future Hiro had already gone back to tell Peter about Claire. At least that's how I remember it. Kick-ass episode.

John Howard said...

I think you're right, I watched it again. It's not terribly clear, the first time I watched it I thought he had just figured out the right moment, but watching it again, I think you could assume he'd already gone back.

Also, future Mohinder definitely remembers the subway incident which shouldn't have happened in his timeline, which is annoying.