Thursday, September 27, 2007


That's how many games the Mets lead by in the NL East. But I guess that's what happens when you don't show up for the final three weeks of the season. Maybe they'll be able to outplay the Phillies for the last three games of the year and somehow crawl (not limp, they haven't been able to stand for a week) into the playoffs, but what the fuck good is that going to do when they're playing like this?

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Chris Howard said...

That's amazing. Yeah, they might squeak in with three games left, but they sure haven't given any reason to believe that they can.

However, I was listening to Mike Dempsey saying how momentum doesn't seem to matter once the playoffs start. That seems like it's true. If they can get in, everything is wiped clean.

They still have a shot at the wildcard if they lose the division, don't they? It looked like it was a tight race, but they weren't out of that.

John Howard said...

If they lost the division, there's no reason to expect that they won't also lost the wild card. They're actually currently a half game out in the wild card race.

Chris Howard said...

True. MLB actually shows them 1 game back of San Diego in the wild card. It's certainly possible. Say they and Philly win out and San Diego drops a game, they'd get in. But the way they're playing, they're more likely to lose all 3.

John Howard said...

Say they ... win out

I can say it all day long, but it's not very likely the way they're playing.