Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Anniversary Cruise Day 4

Today was our first port, Cozumel. Nothing too exciting here. We wanted to shop for some Mexican art for the area in the backyard by the pool. You can also do tours to some Mayan ruins in the area, but that's a 7-hour deal, and we saw some neat Mayan ruins at Altun Ha in Belize in 2005. You can also do the beachy stuff, like snorkeling or swimming, but we're not beach people and besides, we could do that at home. Random stuff from today -

12182007 OTC prescription drugs for sale in Cozumel12182007 A light pole in Cozumel
- Signs you're in a foreign country. As I was taking a picture of the mess of wires, a guy walked by and said he was an electrician. He said he saw some guys on a job down the street using garden hose for conduit.

12182007 Michelline at Pancho's Backyard
- If you're ever in Cozumel, I recommend going to Pancho's backyard cafe. These fishbowl margaritas were good, and strong. After a light breakfast and one of these, I was feeling mighty happy.

- The crew had a talent show today and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. There were 5 or 6 acts, all singing. Everyone was really good, but a few stood out. One guy did a great rendition of U2's "With or Without You". Then a lady came out and they announced she would be singing something by Evanescence. Sure enough, it was "My Immortal". I was very wary because it would be so easy to butcher that song, but she was great, even with the Filipino accent.

- And I almost forgot, I actually exercised today! I stopped by the gym to see what it looked like and it's large and very well-appointed(I need to take a picture). Each machine has its own TV with a headset. Anyway, I generally run somewhere between 2.5 and 3 miles at 6.5 mph. I set it to 6.5 and I'm thinking this is way too slow. Then I notice it's set on kilometers per hour. I couldn't remember the exact conversion, so I bumped it up to 11 kph. You would think, though, that on a ship with 2200 Americans out of 2400 passengers, the equipment would be set to miles and pounds, no?

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John Howard said...

Did you get my email about the playoffs in your league?

Chris Howard said...

I hadn't checked my email the last few days, but I'll do that. I'm glad you reminded me. This connection is like dial-up.

Angelos said...

My company translates all of the corporate pubs for a large cruise company, as well as the daily itineraries that are printed right there on the boat.

We have to make sure the e-mails we send (which go directly to the ship) contain no more than 2.5MB of attachments.

Which is fine for roman languages, but when we need to outline or TIFF Hebrew, Chinese, etc., things get interesting.

Chris Howard said...

We have to make sure the e-mails we send (which go directly to the ship) contain no more than 2.5MB of attachments.

I don't doubt it. I was trying to download some files and it was moving around 3 kbps. I know there are limitations using satellite, but I do think cruise ships are going to have to start investing more heavily in beefing up their internet capacity.