Thursday, December 20, 2007

Anniversary Cruise Day 6

Today's our last sea day and our last day of the cruise. I think 5 nights is just enough. I really enjoyed the one 7 nighter we took, but those are more expensive and harder to plan the time off. It's not too hard to look forward to the end anyway, as I still have 6 days off. Here's what's going on today so far -

12202007 Michelle gets lucky
- We did the morning bingo because they had the drawing for a free cruise after the second game and we had 30 tickets. OF course, we didn't have to buy the $109 worth of cards, but what the hell. Let me tell you, being on a cruise skews my sense of what's cheap and what's expensive. And after that, just let me say that I fucking hate bingo. After years of playing, I've won one $25 game. I was on for three numbers today, but of course I lost. However, Michelline's mother won a $280 jackpot. Needless to say, she'll have to find another way home. Bingo players are sore losers, since one person's win is everyone else's loss.

- I'm off to round 2 of beer tasting in about 30 minutes. Of course, I'll be posting a picture of the beers here as well as the trivia questions. Wish me luck!
12202007 Beer tasting lineup part 2
Beer tasting round 2! You see the lineup above. This time, I'll give my impressions in order.

  • Sam Adams Boston Lager - It's good, everyone knows that. The flavor has a depth you don't find in run of the mill american beers.
  • McEwans IPA - I've had McEwan's Scotch Ale, but never the IPA. I generally don't like IPA's as I don't care for the overly hoppy bitterness, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was not overly bitter at all. It was smooth with a nice mild flavor.
  • Franziskaner hefe-Weisbier - The only heffenweizen in the group. This was very good, with a fruity taste in front that I couldn't quite identify. I was thinking banana, but that wasn't quite it.
  • Celebrator double bock - This was my favorite of the bunch. Strong and full-bodied.
  • Beamish Irish stout - Another canned beer with a nitrogen widget. Just like the Guinness and Boddington's from Monday, this seemed very weak and thin. I'd try it again from the tap, but I'm going to stay away from these cans.
This time I was smarter and made sure I had an empty stomach, so by the time we were finished, I had a nice little buzz (helped out by the Samuel Smiths nut brown ale I had right afterward). Ok, now for the trivia. For some reason he started off with three gimmes -
  • What beer is called the king of beers?
  • What do you use to keep the beer from sticking to the napkin?
  • What's the larget brewery in the US?
  • In what country is beer considered a food staple?
  • How do you make a redeye?
  • Give the city and year of the first American brewery.
  • What vitamin complex does beer provide?
  • What European beer uses a red star in it's marketing?
  • What US state has the most breweries?
  • What's the term for a collector of beer mats?
  • What's the term for a collector of beer bottles?

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