Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forgivable Five

Tracy put up a fun little meme -

Question - what five famous people would you want listed in the contract that your significant other had to forgive you if, you know, you just happened to meet them and you just happened to hit it off and they just happened to express interest in some hot, shallow monkey sex?

My actual list wouldn't have any famous people, but that wouldn't be fun for anyone but me and Michelline. And really, this isn't set in stone, it could change from day to day, depending on who crosses my path. So here we go, in no particular order.

1. Jessica Alba
She's actual a little less full-figured than I normally go for, but there's something about her.

2. Katherine Heigl
katherine heigl
After seeing Knocked Up, I developed a kind of a thing for her. She also vaguely reminds me of a really sexy lady I work with (who's definitely on my non-famous list).

3. Lara Logan
New York Marriot Marquis Hotel
I saw her on The Daily Show and wow, I would've thought she was an actress or a model if I hadn't been told. Smart, beautiful and a sexy accent. Here, just watch the clip if you haven't seen it.

4. Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis
She'd have to use her Troi accent, though. That reminds me of the Star Trek episode where Barclay was using the holodeck to run his fantasies of Troi and Crusher. If you really had a holodeck, would you bother with that "goddess of empathy" crap? It would be all XXX, all the time. I probably would have been drummed out of Starfleet.

5. JK Rowling
JK Rowling
I've always thought she was sexy. Smart and a good sense of humor certainly helps too.

Honorable mention

Demi Moore
Demi Moore
After seeing her in No Small Affair with Jon Cryer, before she got famous, I had a little movie crush on her.

Ashley Judd
Ashley Judd
She's another one who's a little skinnier than I normally go for, but damn, she's hot. I think the first time I saw her may have been in that ST:TNG episode with Wesley.

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VMH said...

Good Choice Katherine Heigel (I agree especially in Knocked Up - as much her character as the actual acctress) and Ashley Judd.

I disagree on Jessica Alba - she just strikes me as too 'typically' beautiful the same way 100 other Hollywood actresses are beautiful. She also screams high maintenance to me.

Your choice of Lara Logan (who I saw on The Daily Show as Well) makes my point about Jessica Alba. Sexy and smart is so much more attractive than just sexy.

And to add an honorable mention to my list at TwoGlasses.

Daniella Sarahyba who has been in the SI swimsuit issue for a few years. I don't know why she doesn't get more attention. I think what does it for me is her eyes.

michelline said...

I used to say Marina Sirtis as Troi would make me reconsider my orientation :) That Troi accent is HOT. Her regular accent is NOT.

Mr Furious said...

Lara Logan is a stunner. Looks like a cross between Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, great accent and obviously smart and brave as hell.

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