Friday, July 25, 2008

Sountrack of my Life

So I was tagged by Toast with this labor intensive meme he got from Furious. Normally, I shy away from blogging anytime it starts to resemble work in any way, as you may have gathered from the frequency of my posts, but this time, I'm kind of bored, so I'll give this a shot.

Basically, you start at the year of your birth, and pick the best album for each year. Unlike some of these other guys, I'm not even going to try to remember what I may have liked at the time, I'm just going to go with what I think now. So here we go:

1972 - Eagles - Eagles. Just because I had to pick something to get this thing started. Wow, what a crappy year for music.

1973 - Aerosmith - Aerosmith. Again, just because I have to pick something, if I didn't know they 80s and 90s would go much better, I'd quit about now.

1974 - Endless Summer - Beach Boys Apparently, the 70s had less good music than I originally thought. I'm really glad I was not yet old enough to care.

1975 - A Night at the Opera - Queen. How did people actually survive the 70s?

1976 - Hotel California - The Eagles I really don't like The Eagles as much as it may seem at this point.

1977 - The Stranger - Billy Joel. Finally found one that I didn't feel like I was just picking because I had to.

1978 - Van Halen - Van Halen. Getting slightly easier now. Unfortunately, while I expect there will be more good choices soon, that also means I have to choose between them.

1979 - Off the Wall - Michael Jackson. Whatever happened to this guy?

1980 - Back in Black - AC/DC. I'm not a huge AC/DC fan, but this one belongs on here.

1981 - I Love Rock 'n' Roll - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. Ok, so I said I wasn't going to try to remember what I liked at the time, but for 1981, I couldn't find anything I liked more than a song or two on, but I had this back then and really liked it, though it does absolutely nothing for me now.

1982 - ThrillerMichael Jackson. Can't go wrong with the best selling album of all time.

1983 - Madonna - Madonna. I bought this on cassette at a gas station on some long trip we went on when I was a kid.

1984 - Purple Rain - Prince and the Revolution. Who doesn't love Prince?

1985 - Radio - LL Cool J. See, he has been here for years.

1986 - Licensed to Ill - The Beastie Boys. This was an easy one. I believe I can still recite the entire album from memory. Anyway, I didn't even look at the rest of the list for this year.

1987 - Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses.

1988 - TIE: ...And Justice for All - Metallica and Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A. and Eazy-Duz-It - Eazy-E. How can I pick between those three?

1989 - As Nasty As They Wanna Be - 2 Live Crew.

1990 - Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J. Don't call it a comeback.

1991 - Metallica ("The Black Album") - Metallica.

1992 - The Predator - Ice Cube. And I won't choke like the Buffalo Bills...

1993 - Doggystyle - Snoop Doggy Dogg.

1994 - Dookie - Green Day. Not much I liked to pick from here.

1995 - Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette.

1996 - Load - Metallica.

1997 - Big Willie Style - Will Smith.

1998 - Greatest Hits Live - Journey. I've tried to avoid greatest hits or compilations so far, but I couldn't come up with anything else, and I'm running out of meme steam.

1999 - Hooray for Boobies - The Bloodhound Gang. I picked this one because you were supposed to stick your tongue through the CD to make it look like a boobie.

2000 - The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem.

Ok, that's all I can do. I don't listen to much music these days, especially anything new, and everything I see on the recent pages is barely recognizable at best. So the meme has beaten me, I give up.

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Mr Furious said...

A valiant attempt, my friend. All told, I think I wasted a good four hours on it...

The late 90s - early 00's just about did me in, but I had something to look forward to!

nightshift66 said...

I'm surprised that I have as much overlap with John as I do. (My list at Toast's place in comments.)

Shelby said...

Dear Daddy, please don't ever say boobie again. It freaks me out.

Also, I can't believe you stopped around the years when I pitched a fit if you didn't let me listen to 95.1 instead of your stupid sports radio crap.

Love, Shelby (who really wants an Instinct. Hint, nudge.)

John Howard said...

I say a lot worse things than boobie around here, so don't look in the archives if it bothers you.

And Shelby has a job, so she can buy her own Instinct if she really wants one. Or she can wait until Christmas.

Shelby said...

Actually, Shelby is attempting to pay for her own New York trip, so her daddy can help.