Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Watch Movies

So, I just watched this Jodie Foster movie, The Brave One, and it was ok, nothing special, but there were a couple of things that really annoyed me about it. First, this woman is so afraid after being attacked that she can't even walk through a hallway without being scared to death, and she absolutely has to have a gun RIGHT NOW and can't even wait through the waiting period. However, she's not too afraid to follow a strange man, who she knows to have a gun, into the bowels of Chinatown with at least $1000 in cash on her. Somehow, that doesn't really make any sense to me. She's also a magnet for crime, which was a little ridiculous.

And I know it's not really fair to type cast someone, but the other annoying thing about the movie is that they expect us to believe that Naveen Andrews' character can get beaten to death by a few punk gang members. We all saw Sayid kill someone with his feet, while his hands were tied behind his back, and it was perfectly believable. So if your movie needs someone to get beaten to death, find someone else.

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Tracy said...

Hear, hear! Naveen ain't no wuss.

konagod said...

I really hate those films which attempt to create additional drama by relying on that old bag of dirty tricks. If you really think the boogeyman is gonna get ya, stay the fuck out of dark empty houses. Hell, go to the mall where there's people.