Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Hey, Jerry, just go away already

Ok, Jerry Rice is one of the greatest football players ever. And I've never been one to say athletes should quit before they are ready. But this from Jerry Rice just makes me wish he would go away. Rice will be in The Hall of Fame someday, but Steve Largent is already there, his number shouldn't be un-retired to accomodate a washed up superstar with an oversized ego. I realize Largent gave his permission, but what's he supposed to do? Say no? Then he looks like a jerk. He should not have even been asked. Jerry Rice should have worn whatever number was available. I know he's worn the number his entire career, but it's the number 80 in a 49er jersey that should be special to him, not the number itself. No matter what number he wears, he is going to look wrong in a Seahawk jersy, just like he did in a Raiders jersey, so just leave Largent's number alone.

Here's hoping some future 49er wants to wear number 80 someday, and when Rice refuses, this story is thrown in his face.

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