Thursday, October 28, 2004

This is freaking ridiculous

Banning a white T-Shirt because gang members wear them has got to be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of. I realize the school is in a difficult position, and that they cannot tolerate gang activity. But even if EVERY gang member wore a white shirt and NO ONE else did (which I'm sure is far from true), that doesn't mean that the shirt in any way promotes gang activity. Making them wear something else just simply means they will be gang members wearing something else. And if an article of clothing can be considered to promote gang activity simply by the act of a gang member wearing it, then as soon as you make them cover up the white T-Shirt, there is now by your definition something else which promotes gang activity. If I were the leader of any of these gangs, I would immeadiately tell everyone to wear red T-Shirts, until those are banned, then switch to another color. I assume that a lot of gang members wear white socks too, should these be banned as well? The point is that it's not the clothing that is the problem, it is the behavior, and changing the clothing does not change the behavior. I could understand if the shirt in some way depicted or reflected some sort of gang activity, but merely because it is associated with it seems a little ridiculous. It also does seem to unfairly target fashion that would appeal more to African Americans.

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