Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This is something I can't understand

What is this "divided loyalties" crap? I've never understood this. I've been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys as long as I've watched football, but I live in Jacksonville. I can root for Jacksonville to do well, and I usually hope they do, especially when the Cowboys suck, but if the Cowboys and Jaguars were facing off in the SuperBowl, I wouldn't have any home team sentiment. I wouldn't feel like I couldn't lose either way. I would be rooting for the Cowboys all the way, hoping they embarass the Jaguars, humiliate them, set records against them. If the Jaguars won, I would hate it, there would be no appreciation for the home team. So I really don't get these fans with supposed "divided loyalties." If your loyalty is divided, it really just means that you have none.

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