Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Activists angry over f-word shirt

What the fuck is wrong with people? So the word fuck was on TV for five seconds. Who exactly was hurt by this?

...sucker punch from Fox that millions of children and families received...

Oh right, the children. And the families. I guess all those children will begin lives of crime and debauchery despite their fine parents because they saw this horrible word on TV. And those families will now be destroyed as they all try to come to grips with living in a world where the word fuck can be carelessly displayed on a t shirt. This is horrible. What is the world coming to?

I found the following comment on another article about the incident:
was watching the game with my two seven-year old sons, both of whom can read quite well -- and they both asked me what her shirt said. These people don't have the right to inject that into my living room and rub it in my kids' faces.

Ok, so which is it? If your kids can read quite well, why would they need to ask you what it said? And if your kids were actually asking you what it meant, then how is it that FOX is rubbing it in their faces? If they don't know what it means, then it seems difficult for me to believe they'd be at all offended by it. So, if you told them what it means, it's actually you that rubbed it in their faces. When the word was on TV, you had the same choice that you have every other day to either tell your kids what fuck means or not. Anyway, do your kids ask what every word on every shirt shown in the stands of every football game means? Seems like this would get pretty old. If they don't, it seems a little odd that they would pick the one that happens to be profanity to ask you about. Maybe your kids are little smart asses that already know what fuck means, or maybe you're just making the whole thing up.

Seriously, what I'd like to know is how these people managed to even see the game in the first place. How can you see the TV from underneath the bed where all these people surely must spend the majority of their time?

And also, the shirt was right, Fuck the Eagles. Who doesn't hate the Eagles?

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Chris Howard said...

I saw that shirt. It was great. Exactly. who doesn't hate the Eagles?

And does this lady think her 7 year-olds don't know what fuck means? They may play dumb for her, but, let me tell you, they're more savvy than a lot of people think.

And really, what do these people want? At least it wasn't something really awful like a nipple or something. Imagine how bad that would be.


John Howard said...

Honestly, unless they're showing hardcore porn on TV when cartoons are scheduled, people need to just get the fuck over it. No kids are going to be traumatized by seeing a naked woman, or by hearing (and certainly not be seeing) a bad word.

And if your kids are fucked up enough to be significantly impacted by something like that, then I'm afraid for them when they have to leave your sheltered home and live in reality with the rest of us.

Toast said...

who doesn't hate the Eagles?

Well, I work with at least one huge Eagles fan. And of course there's my boy Aaron. (You remember him John; You guys had quite the tilt earlier in the season.)

In any event, I do find it vaguely amusing to see two Cowboys fans asking "Who doesn't hate [Team X]?" Your team isn't known for the love they garner across the nation.

John Howard said...

Of course people hate the Cowboys, it's jealousy. Their team hasn't been to eight Superbowls. But hating the Eagles is just because they're all such dicks.

What kind of NFL quarterback is too thin skinned to handle a loud mouthed wide receiver? Bunch of babies. Also, classless fans, booing a guy who is motionless on the field with a career ending injury.