Saturday, January 27, 2007

NFL Predictions Revisited

As I stated in my NFL Predictions at the beginning of the season, now I can look back and see how stupid I was, so here we go.

AFC East - I wasn't ready to believe anyone in this division could dethrone the Patriots, particularly the trendy pick of the Dolphins, so I was right about that. Unfortunately, I also said that the Bills and the Jets both sucked, but obviously the Jets proved me wrong.

AFC North - I wanted to pick the Bengals here, but thankfully, I didn't with Carson Palmer coming off a major injury. Unfortunately, I did pick the Steelers. I did think that with the addition of McNair, Baltimore would be improved, but I didn't think it would be enough to get over the hump. I did correctly predict that Cleveland would blow.

AFC South - I thought the Jaguars would go around 8-8, so I was on the money there, and I also correctly picked the Colts to win the division. I didn't think The Titans would be able to do as well as they did, as much as I was pulling for Vince Young. I knew that the Texans wouldn't be any good and that Mario Williams couldn't hope to compare to Reggie Bush.

AFC West - I did say I liked the Chargers a lot, but didn't pick them with a new starting QB. I had the Chiefs pegged pretty well as being one dimensional, but I didn't see them making the playoffs. Picking the Broncos here looks like my worst pick so far. And I correctly predicted that the Raiders would suck and that Aaron Brooks was a lousy acquisition.

NFC West - I pretty much had this entire division figured out, though I thought Arizona might be a little better and I thought San Francisco would be worse. Otherwise, I pretty much nailed it.

NFC North - I got the winner right here, though I didn't think they would be as good as they were, and I figured the rest of the division would suck which was about right, though I thought Green Bay would probably be worse than they actually were.

NFC South - Though I did think the Saints could be improved, I didn't see them winning the division. I thought Atlanta would be worse than they were, and I thought Carolina would be much better, a pick right up there with the Broncos. I thought the Bucs would be solid, which they obviously weren't.

NFC East - I thought this division would be the best in football, and while it probably wasn't, three of the four teams made the playoffs, so it wasn't too far off with that. I thought the Cowboys would win it, and they really should have, but they collapsed down the stretch. I thought the Eagles would suck, and obviously they didn't. I thought the Redskins would be a lot better than they were, and I was pretty close on the Giants, though I couldn't have predicted how they got there.

AFC Playoffs - I only got two of the playoff teams correct, which is pretty lousy. I also predicted the Steelers would get a bye, so that sucked. Didn't pick either wild care anywhere near correct.

NFC Playoffs - I got four of the playoff teams here, which isn't so bad, though I picked both byes and one of the wild cards incorrectly.

My bonus prediction was the Mets over the Yankess in the World Series, but that was mostly wishful thinking.

Anyway, there you have it, the reasons that I'm not a gambler and don't have my own 900 sports betting line.

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Toast said...

Hey! Like the new look, man. Much cleaner.

John Howard said...

Thanks, but I can't take much credit, it's the new Blogger. they make it a little easier to customize the standard templates, so I switched to one of those, and made some minor changes. However, it is still crippled more than it should be, I'm going to have to go into the HTML and change a few more things.

PSoTD said...

Please tell me that you're now taking the Colts...

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