Thursday, January 04, 2007

Check your voice mail!

Let's say you missed a call or two on your cell phone, for whatever reason. You check your phone and you see the missed calls and a voice mail icon. DO NOT immediately call the person you missed. Check your voice mail first. I hate leaving a detailed voice mail message and then having to repeat the whole thing because the person I called didn't listen to it. But it's happened so many times, that I've started to leave nothing more than a quick "Call me". Why waste my time? As a corollary, if you missed a call yesterday, or even a few hours ago, and there aren't any voicemails or further calls from that same number/person, DO NOT call them and say "Hey, I saw you called me?". If I didn't leave a message or call you back, it almost always means that it was nothing important, or I had something to talk to you about at the time I called. This concludes today's lesson on cell phone manners.

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