Tuesday, November 23, 2004

$25 Million Dollar Hoax

$400,000 in prizes is great and everything, but this is a good way to make it seem like a disappointment. Especially for the kids who got guitars. Hey, your sister is now a multi-millionaire, no, just kidding, sorry, but hey, you do get a guitar. I only watched the last half of the last episode, so maybe I missed a lot of great TV with this show, but somehow, I doubt it. And either those people knew what was going on already and were poorly acting surprised, or they are a bunch of retards. That family looked really stupid throughout the entire listing of the prizes. When the guy said they were all getting PS2s and iPods, the mother looked like she was going to faint. They're PS2s and iPods! Nice prizes, but it's not like anyone can quit their jobs or anything.

Oh, and NBC, I realize that with some reality shows, production seems to have really gone into the toilet, but the $ in the title of the show actually means "dollar," that's why they call it a dollar sign. So putting $ and "dollar" in the title is redundant and makes you look kind of stupid.

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