Monday, November 22, 2004

N-ational B-rawling A-ssociation

What a disgusting display on Friday between the Pacers and the Detroit fans. As much as I think Artest and Jackson and O'Neal were wrong to go into the stands, and I think the suspensions that David Stern handed down are appropriate, most of my disgust in this situation is reserved for the Pistons fans. The first guy throwing the cup was bad enough, but at least that could be dismissed as an isolated act by a stupid fan. But when Artest went into the stands, the number of people who went over to take a shot at him, and the number of people who rushed over to the tunnel as the Pacers were being led off the court to pour things on them and throw things at them, was ridiculous. It made Detroit fans look really bad.

And what about the security? I'm sure that it's difficult to be prepared for something like that, but in all the stuff that was shown on TV, I didn't really see any security trying to break things up. I'm sure there was security in the arena somewhere, but it was noticeably absent in the worst parts of this incident. How did that fan ever even get onto the court?

This incident was disgusting all the way around, from the Pacers, to the Detroit fans to the lack of security, to Ben Wallace who overreacted in the first place.

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