Monday, November 29, 2004

The Cowboys won, but they still suck

I don't know what Bill Parcells is thinking about. Maybe Vinny gives them a slightly better chance of winning, but they need to find out if Henson is going to be the QB of the future or not, and if he is, let him make mistakes now and get some experience in real games, so come next season, he won't be so raw. And if he's not, they can find out now, so they can address it in the offseason. Vinny has no future with this team, so why play him? I could understand if they were contending for the playoffs, but even if they win the last 5 (which would have to include a road win overt he Eagles), they're only 9-7. And while 9-7 may be good enough to get in the playoffs in the NFC this season, I don't see any reason to believe that they can win all of those games. Why sacrifice the future of the team for an outside shot at winning now? Ok, myabe if Vinny was clearly much better than Henson, I could understand it, but let's not forget, it was Vinny that led them to the 3-7 record in the first place. In the last two games where both Henson and Vinny have played, Henson has looked pretty bad, but has led the team to two TDs. In the same two games, Vinny has led the team to...two TDs. Yes, he came in on Thursday and led the team to the victory, but it wasn't like they were losing when he came in and brought them back like Clint Longley. It was a 7-7 tie. Also, when he first came in, he looked terrible, throwing balls into the ground and throwing an ugly interception. And it's not like he really did a lot to guide them to victory, he played ok, but they won because of how effective Julius Jones was running the ball, and also because the Bears suck. Sure, Henson threw a pick for a TD to let the Bears into the game, but let's not forget that Vinny has done that the last two weeks.

I say put Henson in for the rest of the season. Not because he's any better than Vinny, but because you need to find out how good he can be, and also because it's not like Vinny is Brett Favre or something.

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