Monday, November 15, 2004

Emmitt Smith

I can understand that Emmitt was supposed to be over the hill, and the Cowboys didn't want to pay him if he wasn't going to produce. But he's got almost as many yards now as all three of Dallas' running backs combined, and he has 3 more TDs. He's not doing great, but he's a solid back and is on pace to rush for over 1000 yards this season. For the CARDINALS. As bad as it is to watch this guy put on another uniform, it's even worse when he's out-producing his replacements. I can understand wanting to build a team with younger guys, but Richie Anderson and Eddie George don't qualify for that, expecially when they're not getting the job done. I hope that Dallas can find someone who can run the ball soon, but I also hope that Emmitt continues to make them look bad for letting him go.

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