Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Best Show on TV

That would be The Wire on HBO. Unfortunately, I made this determination as I was watching the season finale. After a great episode last week, they capped the season with one almost as good. Everytime a scene ended, I looked at the clock and tried to remember exactly what time I had started watching, worried that it would be the end. That's how I realized that it's my favorite show, because as the season ends, I'm more upset about it than I would be for any other show right now. Now, that might change, when Lost returns or if Heroes keeps getting better, but for right now, The Wire is my favorite show.

It seems everytime I talk about something on TV, someone complains about the lack of quality shows, but I have to disagree completely. I'm with Toast, I think we're in a golden age of TV. When a show as great as Battlestar Galactica is fourth on the list of shows I most want to watch, then there must be some pretty good stuff on.

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Me4Prez said...

I haven't watched the Wire yet, but it is on my Netflix queue.

Anonymous said...

check out these promo shots for battlestar, i like how they treat it like a fashion spread lol

Chris Howard said...

The Wire hasn't made my list yet, but then, I've only watched the first 2 shows of season 1. I'll probably get to some more of them now that the tv schedule has lightened up somewhat.

By the way, that scifi miniseries, The Lost Room looks promising. Don't forget to set it up on your dvr.

John Howard said...

I already did.

Anonymous said...

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