Saturday, December 09, 2006

Car meme

Toast made this thing, which seems to me more trouble than it's worth, but since he went to the trouble, and tagged everyone with it, I'll go ahead and answer it.

1. Favorite Car?
I've always like Mustangs, but I've never driven one, but I think I'll go with it anyway. Maybe a '66 or one of the really new ones.

2. Favorite Car you've ever owned?
I guess the car I have now, a 2006 Vibe. Nothing special, but it's got more stuff in it than any other car I've ever had.

3. Car you would be embarrassed to be seen driving?
I drive to work everyday in a $500 Mitsubishi Mirage with no AC and windows that don't roll down. I'm not easily embarrassed.

4. Next car you plan to buy?
Something cheap, like a Versa, Fit or Yaris.

5. Next car you would buy for daily use if money were no object?
I'll go with Toast and say a 2006 Mustang Cobra. Either that or a really high end luxury car.

6. What bumper stickers or other decorations, if any, do you have on your car?

7. Average annual miles you put on your primary vehicle?
I have no idea. Am I supposed to keep track?

8. Describe your driving style.
Safe. I just want to get there in one piece.

9. Average highway cruising speed.

10. Fastest you've ever driven?
Somewhere around 100.

11. Do you race people at stop lights?

12. Will you cross a solid yellow or double yellow to pass someone?
Not usually, but if I was sure it was safe and wasn't likely to get a ticket, I might.

13. Do you tailgate or flash your high-beams at people in front of you?
No, I'm not an asshole.

14. Worst accident you've ever been in?
It was really foggy, we pulled off some little side road onto the main road where we were slammed into from behind by some drunk punk in a rental car. The back seat ended up about 90 degrees from where it started. My wife had shoulder surgery, I had a concussion, and still don't remember the actual accident, and my stepson seriously broke his leg (way high up on the femur), and spent a few months in a wheelchair, he was stuck in the car for quite a while as they had to cut him out of it. I've got pictures of the car somewhere, maybe I'll post them sometime. The other driver got 6 years in jail (he had some prior convictions).

15. About how many speeding tickets have you gotten?
2, but they were both bullshit, cops sitting around a corner on a road where the speed limit is ridiculously low.

16. Ever gotten a DUI/DWI?
No, and there was really only one time that I can think of where I was driving and shouldn't have been, and that time I did pull over and let my wife drive.

17. What kind of car repairs and/or maintenance can you do?
Not much, an oil change maybe, but I don't do it.

18. Have you ever modified a car you own from stock?
Modified how? Why?

19. What do you listen to while driving?
Usually sports radio.

20. Favorite driving song?
I don't have one, should I?

21. Do you use an air freshener in your car, and if so, what scent?
No, what am I, a girl?

22. Messy or clean?
Outside is usually fairly dirty, but inside I try to keep at least neat.

23. When you and the spouse/significant other go out together, who drives?
Me, because I'm the man and I'm sexist like that.

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Toast said...

No, what am I, a girl?

Dude, you do drive a Vibe.

John Howard said...

I am much more concerned about price and gas mileage and stuff then I am about style.