Sunday, December 10, 2006

NFL Week 14

I did all my picks as usual with my insightful commentary, and even included a plug for Toast's Virtual Couch. So of course, Blogger lost it, so here are my winners, because I'm not typing all that shit again:

New York Giants
New England
San Francisco
New York Jets
San Diego

I was 9-7 last week to move to 115-77 for the season.

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Toast said...

Thanks for the plug. And for the Jets pick.

John Howard said...

My original comment was that it should be an interesting one today if you and Chemist were both around. I'm now kind of glad that my post was lost, because I said some horribly inaccurate things about the Jags, the Bills, the Cardinals, and somebody else.

Hopefully, the Cowboys can pull it off tonight.

Chris Howard said...

Well, that game was ugly. It's a huge downer after the great win over the Giants.

John Howard said...

It's especially depressing since they were just outcoached from start to finish. Sean Payton knew exactly what to do and when to do it, and Parcells had no response.

Covering a back out of the backfield should not be a difficult thing to do. And there's no excuse for leaving Bush and the fullback wide open after halftime considering how they burnt them in the first half.

Hopefully, they can learn from this game. They're still in the driver's seat for the division, they just probably blew any chance at the 2 seed and the bye.

Chris Howard said...

Yeah, they were definitely outcoached. I made the comment on the
virtual couch that the defense just didn't look like it had any idea
what was going on. They were missing tackles, misdirected,
out-of-position and just confused. I really think our offense would
have been ok, if they had had the chance to play a normal game. Romo
throws one pick and suddenly they're playing from 14 down, and the
couple of chances they had in the 3rd to get back close were blown by
the completely inept defense.

After the onsides kick, I gave up all hope. It was hard giving up the
dream of a number 2 seed and a first-round bye, but we have a decent
shot at a first-round home game, and 8-5 with a game lead in the
division is a lot better than I might have hoped when we were 4-4. But
they have to win out now. If we can't beat Atlanta and Philly, then we
shouldn't be in the playoffs anyway.

And speaking of the onsides kick, what the heck was that?! Are the
Saints so nervous that they feel like they have to pull out that crap
when they're all but destroying the other team? That was a very stupid,
risky call.

John Howard said...

The onsides kick was Payton telling Parcells that he could do anything he wanted to and succeed.