Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Friday Night Lights


Would someone please, please hire a writer for this show that can write a compelling football game that does not come down to the last play? Also, some knowledge of the game, its timing, and strategy would be helpful.

Oh, and are Member's Only jackets making a comeback or something?

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Toast said...

It's not just the "last minute win" thing, although that's bad enough. (Couldn't believe the way they filmed that final run by Smash so you could literally see the clock tick down to zero as he gets into the end zone. I wanted to start screaming "YES!!! WE GET IT!!!") What bugs me more is the way every single play in the game is used to reinforce that week's story line. Last night, it's "Smash goes up against his boyhood friend from the ghetto". So of course EVERY PLAY is Smash getting the ball and getting tackled by his friend. GAHHHH!!!! FOOTBALL GAMES DO NOT WORK THAT WAY!

Toast said...

On a related note, we've got Remember the Titans coming from NetFlix this weekend. I seem to recall the football was a little better in that movie. Of course, I'm going to have to keep reminding Tracy that it was FNL that ripped off all the cliches from RTT.

John Howard said...

Yeah, exactly right, it doesn't take 15 seconds to run to the end zone from anywhere. And that annoyed me too, that he was going back to his hometown and facing his friend. Ridiculous. It's like they sit down and put effort into making it as cheesy and overdramatic as possible.

Yeah, Friday Night Lights has taken way less from the movie of the same name than from Remember the Titans.

Watch that little girl and see if she has any healing ability back then.