Friday, December 29, 2006

NFL Week 17

Ok, I didn't post last week, because we were busy moving and Christmas shopping and lots of other things, but I was 7-9, and 11-5 the week before, so my overall record going into the final week is 143-97.

New York Giants at Washington - The Giants still have a shot at the playoffs, but they suck about now, I'll take the Skins at home.

Jacksonville at Kansas City - The Chiefs play well at home, and the Jaguars suck on the road, so I'll take KC.

St. Louis at Minnesota - I'll take the Rams here for no reason in particular.

Carolina at New Orleans - The Saints are playing pretty well these days, but I like the Panthers in the upset since the Saints don't have much to play for.

Oakland at New York Jets - I like the Jets over a pathetic excuse for a football team, hopefully the Jets make the playoffs.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati - I like the Bengals here, only because they're at home and fighting for a playoff spot.

Detroit at Dallas - The Cowboys have been playing lousy on defense lately, but I look for them to take their frustrations out on the Lions.

Seattle at Tampa Bay - I really hate the Seahawks, but I think they'll win this one.

New England at Tennessee - I'd like to pick the Titans here, since they're playing so well these days, but I think the Patriots are clearly better.

Cleveland at Houston - I like the Browns here in a boring game.

Atlanta at Philadelphia - As much as I'll be hoping for the Falcons to win, I don't think they will.

Arizona at San Diego - Good team versus bad team, good team at home. Even if the Chargers are resting people, they should win this one, 27-10.

San Francisco at Denver - I'll take Denver since they're at home, 17-3.

Buffalo at Baltimore - The Ravens might be the least publicized good team this year. I think they win here on the way to the playoffs.

Miami at Indianapolis - As bad as they've been playing lately, I still like the Colts here, at least they won't be rusty in the playoffs this year. Or won't have that excuse, anyway.

Green Bay at Chicago - I wouldn't mind seeing the Packers get in the playoffs, except for all the Brett Favre crap we'll have to hear, but I just think Chicago is that much better and should win.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, the Saints have many, many years of sucky play to make up for - they may win this one, even if you don't think they have much to play for. I'm just tickled to see them doing so well this season.