Friday, April 07, 2006

American Inventor

I'm really enjoying this show. Not because it's particularly well done or anything (it isn't), but just seeing the people and thier inventions. Especially the extremes, the really good ones, or the really bad ones. The best part is the really bad ones where the people seem to have no idea that it's a terrible idea. If you've spent countless thousands of dollars, and years of your life on something, and it hasn't gone anywhere, you might need to consider that it's just a lousy idea.

Anyway, like on American Idol, this show seems to have people on it who are just out to get on TV by being ridiculous. Like the woman tonight with the CD of her repeating herself for some unknown purpose, or the human centerpiece that kept forgetting her pitch, and had to start over from the beginning each time no matter how far in she'd gotten. But with those car armor people, I just have to call bullshit. Those people had to be actors with a made up story. If not, then it just makes me sad for humanity. Anyone else watching this show?

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The Disgruntled Chemist said...

I hadn't heard about it, but I think I'll watch it. It sounds interesting.

Chris Howard said...

I've seen commercials for this and it does look interesting. They only show you glimpses but some of the stuff looks pretty neat and some of it looks disgusting.