Friday, April 07, 2006

Local Teacher's Run-In With Homeland Security Creates Insecurities

Thanks to Misty at Shake's place for this post, which describes a ridiculous and rather scary abuse of position by some goons from the Dept of Homeland Security. I live in Jacksonville and I hadn't heard about this until I read the post.

So these guys are officers. Big fucking deal. They could be FBI, CIA and NSA, and if they pulled into a school loading zone, they should be asked to leave or provide a good explanation of why they had to be there. I see that Mr. Pickett is suing, and I wish him luck. The people we put in authority have to show better judgment than this, and if they abuse their positions, they and the organizations they represent need to be held accountable.

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John Howard said...

Like that department needs any more bad press this week.

Plus with them taking over CTU and thereby having to deal with an angry Jack Bauer, there's already enough going on without them having to worry about thier employees doing stupid and/or criminal things all the time.

The Disgruntled Chemist said...

Seriously. If you worked for DHS, wouldn't you just stay more than a hundred yards from every elementary school voluntarily? Just for a little while?