Friday, April 07, 2006

Bush the Terrible

I'm responding to John's post below, but it ran a little long for a comment. Very good post.

The escalation of this administration's abuse of power is clear and staggering. So now they assert the right to eavesdrop on citizens within the US without oversight. They've already asserted their right to detain American citizens without trial. What's to stop them from detaining citizens based on information obtained through illegal wiretaps?

The wingnuts will complain that this is war, and we just don't understand the dangers. That's an abdication of responsibility. If congress and the Supreme Court allow this shit to continue, the only check we have between democracy and tyranny is the goodwill of the administration itself. Even if we gave them the benefit of the doubt, and assumed that they really have our best interests at heart, that's still no consolation. Many dictators truly believe they're doing what's best for their people. And I don't believe the people in this administration have anyone's interests at heart except their own and their buddies.

So what can we do? Keep up the pressure by keeping these issues in the spotlight, contact our representatives, and hope like hell the Democrats get at least one house of Congress back this year. They may be spineless, but if they have a majority, I think it'll be much harder for Bush to get away with this shit.

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Dee said...

I've been keeping up the pressure on "my" representatives but apparently they don't actually represent me.
When will the MSM start addressing the real issues facing this country?

puzzled said...

Is there not a parallel in how Augustus killed the Roman Republic and established the Imperium while maintaining the fa├žade of republicanism? Most of us Canadians wonder when you folks will finally clue in and join the rest of the world in its abhorrence of Bush and his criminal cabal.