Friday, April 07, 2006

Mom Dies After Boy's 911 Call Considered Prank

This is awful. My 6-year-old knows to call 911 in an emergency. I hope someone would believe her if she had to do it. I know that they get a lot of prank calls, but isn't a 911 call a case where you have to assume it's real everytime? Do what you need to do to crack down on crank callers, but I would feel much safer knowing I could trust the operators to take all the calls seriously.

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John Howard said...

This sucks. Especially when you see the transcript and the kid says "Ugh," it really makes you feel his frustration.

I don't care if she had had 100 prank calls that day, she needs to be like a cornerback, and have a short memory. Shake it off and move on to the next one. If she's going to assume every kid who calls is a prank, then what good is the service, anyway? She might as well just go home.

Jason isn't quite old enough to learn about 911 yet, but when he is, I guess I'll have to make sure he knows not to give up, and to make it clear that he's not playing, in the event of an emergency.