Sunday, April 30, 2006

Police Blow Up News Rack Because of 'Mission: Impossible III' Promotion

Can we please return to the time when anything unusual in a public place isn't automatically assumed to be a bomb? Everytime I see a story like this (and there are way too many of them), I feel sorry that we've turned into a country full of pussies, scared of the boogeyman, and monsters under our beds.

Also, I have no desire to see Mission Impossible 3. Not because I've jumped on the Tom Cruise hating bandwagon. Despite him being a loon, he has made some pretty good movies, though none recently that I can think of. Anyway, I don't want to see it because the last one required taking notes to keep up with what was going on. They seemed to be operating under the assumption that the more twists they have, the better. And I imagine they'll want to have even more this time.

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